Nicholas Jaeger and the ThinkMinded partners speaking at the beta release party on June 15, 2018. From left to right, Nicholas Jaeger (ThinkMinded), Michael Hostad (The Greater Milwaukee Committee), Elizabeth Thelen (The Milwaukee 7), Karl Gouverneur (Northwestern Mutual), Ian Favill (Stack41), Nick Gartmann (RokkinCat), and Joe Poeschl (The Commons).

What is ThinkMinded?

Grassroots Digital Platform

The ThinkMinded platform is a grassroots effort connecting individuals and groups in the tech, creative, and startup communities. ThinkMinded is a digital platform providing professional networking, event management, and more to augment and better align the local tech community and culture. ThinkMinded brings people together to maximize awareness of opportunities and events and foster the growth of a talent ecosystem across the region.

Locally Grown

From the start we wanted this to be a locally grown initiative and platform. We wanted to use local funding, local talent, a local data center, and keep our partners local. We anticipated having to bend out principles slightly, but we did a great job in hanging on to this core goal.

Community Effort

Nicholas Jaeger, founder, is a Milwaukee native and graduated from the University of Wisconsin system with a degree in Computer Science. The platform was initially co-sponsored by Northwestern Mutual and The Milwaukee 7, both local organizations. ThinkMinded also forged strategic partnerships with The Greater Milwaukee Committee and The Commons. On the engineering front, Stack41 and RokkinCat stepped up as partners to help tackle hosting and development (respectively). Both Stack41 and RokkinCat are local to Milwaukee, WI. We are seeking additional partners.